This is who we are.

Above all, TheBétaVersion appreciates the uniqueness of one’s personality and encourages self-expression in everyday life through fashion. We believe, that everyone has a unique story.

The objects we surround ourselves with, the clothes we wear, the way we look are just as important elements in telling this story as words. Telling your story to others, showing yourself to the world is sometimes fun, sometimes it’s not, it could seem risky, but taking that risk turns out to be rewarding in the end. Telling your own story is in fact - life.

Fashion only matters if it’s part of telling such a story. That’s why we consider our accessories as ‘beta versions’ until someone starts to use them. In that sense, we only consider our work to be done, when our pieces become integral part of your everyday life and they start to resonate effortlessly with your personality as if they had always been yours.

TheBétaVersion is our story and we are happy to share it with you.