Pixelfolk, a story of success

On the spring of 2011 we decided to apply to a contest for young fashion designers in Hungary. With our forming brand TheBétaVersion’s values in mind our goal was to come up with an accessory collection which draws on traditional inspiration but at the same time to create wearable, functional pieces for women just like us.

We transformed traditional Hungarian folklore motifs into pixels, which were then pierced into the leather surface by hand creating unique perforated patterns - now a signature element of TheBétaVersion’s designs. We used the finest natural materials (vegetable tanned leather paired with woollen felt) and paid careful attention to function as well so the bags matched the manifold expectations of everyday wear.

Pixelfolk collection was an immediate success: it won a special prize at Gombold Újra! contest, caught the attention of various magazines and blogs internationally, and customers from all over the world started to wear the pieces. But most importantly the TheBétaVersion’s unique aesthetics were established - Pixelfolk was the first step on a road we have been walking on ever since.