TheBétaVersion Fall-Winter 2015 - Autumn forest meets urban lifestyle

The new collection of TheBétaVersion brings the peace of autumn forests and the season’s most stylish hues to the everyday urban life. Designer Zsófi Rainer took inspiration from folk motifs again, but this time the models’ functionality was determined by the urban lifestyle. The elegant leather shopper and the shoulder bag which doubles as a clutch feature the Béta’s trademark, the perforated patterns, while unisex backpacks and oversized shopper bags made of leather and water repellent textile are dominated by simple shapes. The basic concept of this fall’s collection was inspired by the trip that the founders took to the Mátra mountains.

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2014 A/W

The Hungarian brand, TheBétaVersion’s accessories have always been characterized by the harmony of function and delicate, still aesthetics, and their new 2014 fall-winter collection is no exception. This time, the functional everyday bags were designed with subtle, hand-made details and clear shapes that provide the wearer confident and unique appearance without being ostentatious.

Keeping TheBétaVersion’s notion of everyday wearability, the new collection’s dominant colour is black, so the bags can be easily combined with one’s outfit. The decorative tassels appear in royal blue, rich salmon, purple, yellow and turquoise that breaks the overall monochromatic, dark feeling of the collection, while the colours determine each bag’s unique character as well. As a finishing touch designer Zsófi Rainer adds decorative hand-made knots to each bag herself.

On smaller cross body bags matte leather was combined with shiny patent leather for an interesting contrast, while on bigger handbags a more natural surface of a thick black cowhide dominates. Models with perforated, geometric patterns, which in the meanwhile have become TheBétaVersion’s trademark, are still important elements of the collection, while other styles are decorated with stitches to subtly emphasize the clear shapes and proportions of the items.

TheBétaVersion was founded in 2010 in Budapest by designer Zsófi Rainer and her long-time friend brand manager Cili Varga. Above all, TheBétaVersion appreciates the uniqueness of one’s personality and encourages self-expression in everyday life through fashion. Zsófi and Cili consider their accessories as ‘beta versions’ until someone starts to use them. In that sense, TheBétaVersion’s work is only considered to be done, when an item becomes integral part of its owner’s everyday life and it resonates effortlessly with their personality as if it had always been their own.

TheBétaVersion’s 2014 fall/winter collection available online at TheBétaVersion webshop from 17th September 2014.

Photography: György Károlyi (Flashback)


TheBétaVersion is presenting a limited edition collection for the summer. Known for its handmade leather accessories, the brand develops their concept introduced last season: their goal is to develop a broadening family of everyday pieces which are highly functional yet extraordinary at the same time.

Collection WHITE is defined by the mix of urban rhythm and the geometrical patterns of traditional Hungarian textiles, which have been present in TheBétaVersion collections for long. Designer Zsófi Rainer has been deeply inspired by the photo series of photographers Bert Danckaert and Daniel Büttner. She was astonished by their urban landscapes deprived of the sense of space with randomly juxtaposed pieces of architecture, and adored the interplay of graphic surfaces and colors creating exciting rhythm and patterns.

Influenced by the photo series, Zsófi almost unwittingly started to look at her hometown, Budapest in a more perceptive manner. She discovered thousands of thrilling details, which she had passed by day by day without recognizing their peculiarity. The discovered motifs – such as the roofs of the main Market Hall and the Technical University composed of Zsolnay ceramic tiles, or the delicate patterns emerging from the red bricks of the Madách Houses – matched the direction laid out by previous TheBétaVersion works. WHITE collection as a result transmits the very same joy of contemplation and discovery which led to its birth, through the harmony of clear-out design and elaborate details.

The collection dominated by a creamy white shade consists of true summer basics. Casual bags are made of thick cowhide, while envelope clutches, purses and belts are made of patent leather of the same colour. The brand’s trademark perforated, geometrical patterns are accompanied by brass accessories, while vivid coral, turquoise and sunglow colored details give a summery vibe for the monochromatic pieces.

The collection is available in TheBétaVersion webshop!

Photo: György Károlyi – Flashback Photo Studio


TheBétaVersion is set to introduce the Black collection this Fall. The new items follow in the traditions of the brand both in terms of design and functionality, with the primary aim of the designer being to put forward a set of uncomplicated and suave objects ready for everyday use, which yet grab their viewer’s attention instantly with their smooth elegance and richness in detail.

The general concept of the new models was to create a harmonic visual unit by applying merely a few cuts in the material, nonetheless focusing on keeping the general features that have given the brand its original character. The latter is based on maintaining the perforated patterns which by now serve as the trademark of TheBétaVersion, however in modified fashion: on the items of the new collection, these patterns move away from the clearly figurative manner of earlier collections, creating a larger distance from their original folklore inspirations, and thus provide a new, more universal character. The visual experience offered by the new collection only becomes complete by the interaction of the design and the material applied, serving to underline the message carried by each item, which is that outstanding quality, uniquely attractive design and discreet appearance can walk together. Both the minimalist style of cutting and the overall design lay increased emphasis on the impregnated leather applied, as the thickness and the composure of the material facilitates suave tailoring solutions and also enables the items to be crafted with no lining of the inside.

The collection consists of three bags – two shoulder bags designed for everyday use and a smaller, more occasion-type bag – along with cases for Macbooks, iPads and iPhones in all sizes.

The items of Black collection are available at our webshop from 1 October.


photo/video: Marci Szigethy

Like the Black collection? Get closer by watching this video.

KASITA – your handbag is your home

The new collection of TheBetaversion represents both tradition and modernity. In line with the previous collections, the inspiration was again drawn from the ideas of folk art: the objects evokes an idealized (or an imagined) age, where paying respect to the articles of personal use was self-evident, and simplicity, usability and durability were considered real values.

The design of the phone, tablet and laptop cases is based upon the geometric patterns of hand-woven fabrics used around the household, while the composition of the bags resembles the braided surfaces of baskets, furniture and fences of rural houses. The concept involves relying natural materials and colors, and using stitched ornaments that also have their function.

The outcome is an object that meets the demands of everyday use in our times. Every piece of the Kasita collection is a portable home in itself, which can be „furnished” according to the owner’s taste, and where the „dweller” finds safety. The pockets and the tiny nooks are protective rooms; the simple and classical form of the auburn or black cowhide exterior suggests self-confidence, and it gives unquestionable shielding for the inner space, for privacy. „Your handbag is your home”: the pieces of the Kasita collection send the message that nowadays one with a proper bag can feel at home everywhere.

Besides the phone, tablet and laptop cases, the collection consists of two handbags: in the inner pocket lined with colored felt of a smaller, more feminine one can safely and conveniently carry an iPad, while the bigger, unisex has an inner pocket fit for carrying a laptop of diverse sizes.

TheBétaVersion brand was created by designer Zsofi Rainer and brand manager Cili Varga. They create hand-made objects that are characterized by functionality and clear-out shapes that are special but never ostentatious. Their PIXELFOLK collection of 2011 earned great success both in Hungary and abroad; since then their products are on the market in several European cities from Stockholm to Zurich. Photo: Eszter Csepeli


The bags are characterized by the familiar clear-out shapes and inherent functionality of the brand, while the traditional Hungarian folk art patterns are filled with new life by the vivid red that is taking the place of the beige-ish natural colors of the previous collection. The outcome is indeed special – it is sure to catch the eyes of all bag lovers out there.

Download all high-res images here, or click on the pictures below to download them separately.

Box Couture

For the exhibition of the Design Week2011 two designer teams, TheBétaVersion and Dombon-a-tanya - who are similar thinking, but with a different field of action – pulled together in an unconventional project.

The question is where can design and fashion, systematization and ornamentation meet?
From which point on do the two systems amplify each other and don’t compete anymore?

Our answer is a design study. A study, which transforms common human feelings, reactions and attributes into an object. It analyses the human being itself, as an emotional and rational creature in consideration of age and sex. It takes old fashioned habits as a basic, which are characteristic to all of us. It examines common thesis and from these thesis the systems of design, attitude and usage of the objects will become obvious.

From these principles four different bags were born. The men’s bag, the women’s bag, the picnic case and the school bag. All of them have a clear-out shape with fine and simple solutions, made of pitted raw wood blocks with vegetable tanned leather stripes.


TheBétaVersion brand was created at the studio of Hungarian designer Zsófi Rainer and brand manager Cili Varga in 2010. In their Budapest based studio they creates unique leather bags and accessories, all made by hand at very high standards, with an emphasis on the subtleness of the details.

The PIXELFOLK collection was inspired by the traditional hand-woven fabrics from the „Somogy”, „Sárköz” and „Nógrád” subregions of Hungary. The well known patterns of folk art (birds, geometric and stylized human figures) are transformed into pixel patterns, which then are pierced into the leather and felt surface.

Although drawing on inspirations of traditional sources, the bags are very modern and wearable, in line with the creators’ commitment to match the manifold expectations of women. The shapes are very clear-out, and the natural colour of leather makes them easily combinable with the elements of one’s wardrobe. At a closer glance, the look of each PIXELFOLK bag is made exciting by the colors of the inner side (red, black, deep blue), and the perforated surface.

Check out our short video about the collection:

Download all high-res images here, or click on the pictures below to download them separately.