Box Couture

For the exhibition of the Design Week2011 two designer teams, TheBétaVersion and Dombon-a-tanya - who are similar thinking, but with a different field of action – pulled together in an unconventional project.

The question is where can design and fashion, systematization and ornamentation meet?
From which point on do the two systems amplify each other and don’t compete anymore?

Our answer is a design study. A study, which transforms common human feelings, reactions and attributes into an object. It analyses the human being itself, as an emotional and rational creature in consideration of age and sex. It takes old fashioned habits as a basic, which are characteristic to all of us. It examines common thesis and from these thesis the systems of design, attitude and usage of the objects will become obvious.

From these principles four different bags were born. The men’s bag, the women’s bag, the picnic case and the school bag. All of them have a clear-out shape with fine and simple solutions, made of pitted raw wood blocks with vegetable tanned leather stripes.