TheBétaVersion brand was created at the studio of Hungarian designer Zsófi Rainer and brand manager Cili Varga in 2010. In their Budapest based studio they creates unique leather bags and accessories, all made by hand at very high standards, with an emphasis on the subtleness of the details.

The PIXELFOLK collection was inspired by the traditional hand-woven fabrics from the „Somogy”, „Sárköz” and „Nógrád” subregions of Hungary. The well known patterns of folk art (birds, geometric and stylized human figures) are transformed into pixel patterns, which then are pierced into the leather and felt surface.

Although drawing on inspirations of traditional sources, the bags are very modern and wearable, in line with the creators’ commitment to match the manifold expectations of women. The shapes are very clear-out, and the natural colour of leather makes them easily combinable with the elements of one’s wardrobe. At a closer glance, the look of each PIXELFOLK bag is made exciting by the colors of the inner side (red, black, deep blue), and the perforated surface.

Check out our short video about the collection:

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