TheBétaVersion is set to introduce the Black collection this Fall. The new items follow in the traditions of the brand both in terms of design and functionality, with the primary aim of the designer being to put forward a set of uncomplicated and suave objects ready for everyday use, which yet grab their viewer’s attention instantly with their smooth elegance and richness in detail.

The general concept of the new models was to create a harmonic visual unit by applying merely a few cuts in the material, nonetheless focusing on keeping the general features that have given the brand its original character. The latter is based on maintaining the perforated patterns which by now serve as the trademark of TheBétaVersion, however in modified fashion: on the items of the new collection, these patterns move away from the clearly figurative manner of earlier collections, creating a larger distance from their original folklore inspirations, and thus provide a new, more universal character. The visual experience offered by the new collection only becomes complete by the interaction of the design and the material applied, serving to underline the message carried by each item, which is that outstanding quality, uniquely attractive design and discreet appearance can walk together. Both the minimalist style of cutting and the overall design lay increased emphasis on the impregnated leather applied, as the thickness and the composure of the material facilitates suave tailoring solutions and also enables the items to be crafted with no lining of the inside.

The collection consists of three bags – two shoulder bags designed for everyday use and a smaller, more occasion-type bag – along with cases for Macbooks, iPads and iPhones in all sizes.

The items of Black collection are available at our webshop from 1 October.


photo/video: Marci Szigethy

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