KASITA – your handbag is your home

The new collection of TheBetaversion represents both tradition and modernity. In line with the previous collections, the inspiration was again drawn from the ideas of folk art: the objects evokes an idealized (or an imagined) age, where paying respect to the articles of personal use was self-evident, and simplicity, usability and durability were considered real values.

The design of the phone, tablet and laptop cases is based upon the geometric patterns of hand-woven fabrics used around the household, while the composition of the bags resembles the braided surfaces of baskets, furniture and fences of rural houses. The concept involves relying natural materials and colors, and using stitched ornaments that also have their function.

The outcome is an object that meets the demands of everyday use in our times. Every piece of the Kasita collection is a portable home in itself, which can be „furnished” according to the owner’s taste, and where the „dweller” finds safety. The pockets and the tiny nooks are protective rooms; the simple and classical form of the auburn or black cowhide exterior suggests self-confidence, and it gives unquestionable shielding for the inner space, for privacy. „Your handbag is your home”: the pieces of the Kasita collection send the message that nowadays one with a proper bag can feel at home everywhere.

Besides the phone, tablet and laptop cases, the collection consists of two handbags: in the inner pocket lined with colored felt of a smaller, more feminine one can safely and conveniently carry an iPad, while the bigger, unisex has an inner pocket fit for carrying a laptop of diverse sizes.

TheBétaVersion brand was created by designer Zsofi Rainer and brand manager Cili Varga. They create hand-made objects that are characterized by functionality and clear-out shapes that are special but never ostentatious. Their PIXELFOLK collection of 2011 earned great success both in Hungary and abroad; since then their products are on the market in several European cities from Stockholm to Zurich. Photo: Eszter Csepeli