TheBétaVersion Spring/Summer 2015

TheBétaVersion’s 2015 Spring-Summer collection was inspired by Katharina Roters’s photo album called ‘Hungarian Cubes’. Overwhelmed by Roters’s work, designer Zsófi Rainer immediately decided to create her next collection by adapting the subject.

In her album Roters explores the standardized residential houses of Hungary’s socialist era. These originally uniform houses were individualized by their inhabitants: they painted geometric patterns on their facades. The large scale patterns which resemble abstract geometric paintings has become characteristic features of the Hungarian countryside as they evolved into folklore. If the individualization of the houses is perceived as a manifestation of the human desire to express own uniqueness, then this could be understood as an unconscious protest against the conformity of the socialist system. Such an interpretation of Roters’s work is in line with TheBétaVersion’s values of appreciating the uniqueness of every individual and encouraging self-expression in everyday life through fashion.

TheBétaVersion’s collection is based on laser cut and engraved geometric patterns inspired by Roters’s album. Fine lines and perforated holes make up larger scale patterns from a distant point of view, designed to highlight each bag’s proportions.

Spring’s colour palette is defined by the rich tan colour of the vegetable tanned hide. On the leather bags it is subtly complemented by lighter, pastel hues in a form of playful tassels and triangle appliqués. Previous seasons’ top selling models, Frida and Zelda are available in new colour combos and patterns while Ezra is a new addition to TheBétaVersion’s offer. The unisex backpack is made of water repellent textile, hides a built-in felt laptop pocket and comes in four beautiful colours. In addition to the bags, you can find a wallet, iPhone sleeves and belts to complete your look in TheBétaVersion’s online shop.


Photograpy: György Károlyi (Flashback)

Hair: Márk Károlyi

Makeup: Timi Vozák

Styling: Dóra Winkler

Models: Péter Ungár, Zsófia Varga